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Just Aim your HD or SD Cameras and Mics at your Apple iDevice and adjust audio delay for sync! Simple & Quick. OR, download the included HD and SD video/audio files to sync your Edit System (FCP, Avid, Premiere, Edius, iMovie...) to Client monitors! Also can be used for live events to sync the stage to the back of the stadium!:^)

for - iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch & ANY Computer!:^)
From JohnAvatar.com........
(The included Movie Files work on ANY Mac, PC, Linux, any system.)

For Critical Professionals, where Sound and Picture MUST BE IN SYNC! This is a must have APP.


1) HD, SD & Film Camera systems (including Digital SLR¦ 5D, RED and etc.) used in Production, for example HD Studio's, where HD Video is captured separately from sound (TV Production, for example), or on a major feature film¦.

2) Picture & Sound Edit Systems - Avid MediaComposer, Final Cut Pro all versions, Adobe Premiere, EDIUS, ProTools, Logic¦ even iMovie and MicroSoft MovieMaker¦ all of them),

3) Graphics Systems, like After Effects, Maya¦ all of them, to test to be sure you are in AV Sync,

4) Digital Cinema's, Theatres, Home Theatres¦ anywhere where you are concerned about Motion Picture and Sound Sync...

5) LIVE EVENTS where you want to check Visual and Sound Sync from the stage to the back of the arena¦

6) AND ALSO for WEB and MOBILE, where you want to be sure that what you upload, is actually in AV Sync!:^) (Check your YouTube Videos for proper sync.)

OPERATION - Simply startup up this APP and a non-stop, continuous loop of one (1) second of bars and tones plays, cut by one (1) second of black and silence plays. Simply tap on the screen to jump to the User Guide. Tap on any Bars/Tones Icon to start up the AV Sync loop again. There is also a custom Web Browser (tap on robot icon) as part of this APP, that includes bookmarks to the most popular Social Media Websites and AV Sync background.

This APP and the included ZIP file containing two Quicktime movie files, are used to set Video and Audio Sync on your Camera and Edit systems¦ also your Graphics systems, Digital Cinema theaters¦. hundreds of uses, professional to consumer¦ including for WEB and MOBILE!

Copy this APP's, ZIP File found in the iTunes "Apps", "File Sharing" window, to your edit, or graphics system, or any other system, for playback on those systems to check AV Sync, to your client monitor, you home theatre... whatever. The ZIP file contains two QuickTime Movie files, one for HD projects (HDV codec) and the other for SD projects (DV Codec), both work on any system, Mac, PC, Linux and etc.

CUSTOM WEB BROWSER INCLUDED (click on Robot Head ICON) This APP also contains a complete, custom Web Browser with links to YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and to WikiPedia and explanations of what AV Sync is all about!

That's about it. If you have any questions, suggestions, or any comments at all, please email us.

So¦ have at it! And good luck!


John Avatar
Email: JohnAvatar@JohnAvatar.com

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS


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